From Argentina with Love

Hello, my name is a.fé and I have a drinking problem. The culprit? This cursed creepy earringed and sobrero-clad hombre’s precious potion: Club Mate.

Obnoxiously caffeinated (20mg/100ml) and based on yerba maté — which has everyone with a hemi-semi link to Argentina yelping that it’s a techno-themed knock off of a traditional Argentine drink — Club Mate’s the fuel that keeps the 24 hour fire that is Berlin’s clubbing culture alight.

Originally made popular by the hacker scene, this night-extender/heart-racer that’s now crashed into the clubbing scene isn’t for everyone. Even the manufacturers admit it with the drink’s slogan: Man gewöhnt sich daran (you’ll get used to it). Talk about an understatement. Now I can’t stop gulping to the point that I love and hate our Zorro-meets-wicked witch pictured above.

In my defense, I’m no big drinker and drugs aren’t parked too far up my hypothetical alleyway, so it’s understandable that I’ve grown fond of this latin-themed carbonated cocktail. Its almost salty taste is one of the few ways I can pull through the nights and days in Technotown. Even if the fact it’s taurine-free is some consolation, such a kick can’t be kosher. I best get a new clubbing companion or I too will soon be growing wings. Until I make that change though, it’s more fun with my favorite refreshener. Party on.

Author: alpaca fé



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