The Ultimate Tech Juice

Club Mate - it’s the life and blood of nearly all Berlin start-ups, the subtle sign of a late night for a cool-to-be-un-cool hipster, and the ultimate summer substitute for coffee.

Club Mate’s slogan is ‘You’ll get used to it’ (German: Man gewöhnt sich daran), and that certainly reigns true.

If we could compile a video of every person’s reaction to their first taste of the mate-extract beverage, you would assume the drink was somewhere akin to a mix of petrol, warm cola, and Sternburg beer. But you do get used to it, and eventually muffled swallows and whispered reproaches, turn into a pure love for the stuff.

Club Mate is the soul of so many start-ups in Berlin, with companies, big and small, importing the golden goodness to support the efficiency and productivity of their employees.

Crowdpark is no exception to this. Every person’s desk at Crowdpark contains at least one Club Mate bottle (more than likely empty), and their presence does not stop there. When someone opens their Club Mate bottle, listening to the fresh fizzing sound that says, ‘You can work now!’ it’s as if they are instantly committed to the Mate by some sort of ancient beverage bond.

Everywhere the Crowdparkees go, so too do the Club Mate bottles: from desks to meetings, to breaks, to the bathroom kitchen, and back again. We can safely say Club Mate is the quintessential Berlin tech start-up accessory. And if you don’t like it? Well, you’ll get used to it!

Author: Kalinda



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