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Flying high on Club Mate

I’ve been led to believe that Club Mate (pronounced: ma-tay) is the drink in the international hacker community. Being a fan of the international hacker community—and by “hacker” I don’t mean stupid idiots who DDOS Web sites for lulz, but rather people who enjoy tinkering with the world around them—I decided to buy a case.

From Argentina with Love

Hello, my name is a.fé and I have a drinking problem. The culprit? This cursed creepy earringed and sobrero-clad hombre’s precious potion: Club Mate.

Obnoxiously caffeinated (20mg/100ml) and based on yerba maté — which has everyone with a hemi-semi link to Argentina yelping that it’s a techno-themed knock off of a traditional Argentine drink — Club Mate’s the fuel that keeps the 24 hour fire that is Berlin’s clubbing culture alight.

Midday Coconut Meat, Mixed-Nut Mélange, and Yerba Maté

In a mad-burst biomarkt mine-sweep, I snagged an afternoon snack packed with hearty proteins, healthy fats, and a super-special pick-me-up. Raw coconut meat (conveniently fresh-hacked and -diced by my friendly produce guy) is a decadent, dreamy treat that’s also a powerhouse of good-for-you lipids and fiber—it’s also (handily) a rich source of Manganese, a key player in the metabolization of aforementioned lipids and fiber. How convenient that nature knows how to take care of you.



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