Berlin Goodies: Club-Mate

*first sip*

As a personal tribute to Berlin and for the great time this city has afforded me, I’ve decided to write about some of the things that has made my stay here remarkable.

*second sip*

In Berlin I’ve met various interesting, intelligent and especially fun people. I can even say that I’ve become very good friends with some of them. I experienced one of the best nightlifes in the world, and even gained a little bit of professional experience on the side.

*third sip*

However, as I sit here to ponder and reminisce about all these great happenings, the first thing

*fourth sip*

that springs to mind is Berlin’s trademark drink, the Club-Mate (says ma-tay).

*fifth sip*

This “refreshing and active” drink, as Club-Mate is branded, is potentially the most delicious caffeine-rich drink to be ever produced. Yes, even better than coffee. And I love coffee! The drink is made out of extracts if the erva-mate plant, which is known the be “the green gold of the Indians“. But, what is so special about this juice that has dripped from the lips of God himself? Well, we can start at 20g of caffeine, 5g of sugars, 15kcal and zero fat per 100ml.

*sixth and seventh sips*

Let me put this into perspective for you. You’ve come back home from work and it’s nearly 9pm. All you want to do us to give in and go to bed, forget about the dozen Excel tables you’ve worked on for 8 hours, forget about the what-it-felt-like-an-eternity train journey home, and the unpleasant person who sat next to you. Then you open the fridge and take out that beautiful bottle of Club-Mate. You open it, and take the first sip. Immediately after this first sip, perhaps even before the bubbliness have stopped and the drink has made its way through the throat, you begin feeling energised and full of life. A few sips later and you’ve already become a whole different person: a better person. Your eyes gain new focus and your mind sharpen. You feel that all is more or less doable, reachable. Life just becomes better.

*two-thirds through the bottle – I’ve taken breaks!*

Besides these irreproachable credentials, Club-Mate has an exquisite and refreshing feel. For the untrained drinker, its smokey and straight-down-to-business flavours might seem a little odd. However, a few sips later, when all gloom and tiredness have dissipated, hardly anyone (I’m still looking for this oddball) would disagree that Club-Mate hasn’t changed their lives for good.

*I will not sleep today*

Whether for going to work or for going out, Club-Mate is a basic necessity, one of your five-a-day, rather than a luxury item (water being the standard, of course). According to unknown sources (backed by me) from the Club-Mate UK website, “tiredness after heavy work disappears in a miraculous way after one sip of maté”. And that’s not all, Club-Mate is the “ideal slimming drink” once it “facilitates weight loss and suppresses hunger and thirst.” The drink was first discovered in Germany by a Herr Latteier and began being produced in Dietenhofen, Bavaria from 1924 under the name Sekt-Bronte. In 1994, its production moved to the hands of the Loscher Brewery in Muenchsteinach, also in Bavaria. Kudos to them!

*dry bottle – smile on the face*

Finally, one of the best things about Club-Mate, and which also explains the widespread success of this drink, is the price. All this goodness comes for around €1.50 a bottle and it can be found at any decent Spaetkauf (cornershop) and supermarkets around Berlin. For my UK friends it’s not as easy; but there’s no need to panic. You can order a crate of 20 x 500ml bottles and have it delivered to your door for a mere £24.99 + shipping. Next time, don’t crash that car, fail that exam, or be a drag to other people; just have a Club-Mate. If you’re already a Club-Mate fan or if just liked this post don’t forget to spread the love by sharing it away! ;)

See you next time!

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