Club-Mate leaves

This refreshing and active drink is the most delicious caffeine-rich drink to be ever produced.

IceT - Kraftstoff
IceT - Kraftstoff

The Ice-tea is based on yerba, with slightly higher of caffeine than in Club-Mate. Ice-tea Kraftstoff is a "little brother" of Club-Mate.

Club-Mate Cola
Mate Cola Flavour

The successful, more than 85 years old recipe of Club-Mate is combined with the taste of cola and offers a totally new and extraordinary taste of adventure.

Winter Edition
Winter Edition

Winter Edition Ice-tea is based on yerba with cinnamon, star anise and cardamon. Warmed up is a delicious alternative to mulled wine.

Yerba Mate


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is an exclusive beverage beloved of people of every age and available in over 30 countries. Club-Mate contains very low level of sugar, has positive influence on the neural system, improves metabolism and concentration and is extremely effective against body fatigue. Each bottle contains one full spoon of Yerba mate tea which brings a refreshing and stimulating effect.

Club-Mate is based on natural ingredients and suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It is also an ECO product only available in glass bottles.

Club Mate is Berlin’s most famous soft drink. Its distinctive taste and extremely high caffeine content makes it a drink of choice for everyone from hipsters to techies to all-night partiers. After a big success in Germany and other countries it is available in the UK now!

Club-Mate combines everything the market demands, it's both thirst-quenching and delicious. It invigorates and gives you a boost!


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